Cory Chase & Ginary Fart Merger Part 2 (720)

Studio: Ginarys Kinky Adventures

23:00 Minutes

As the company therapist Dr Ginary is concerned that her top patient, Cory Chase, is distracted and unfocused. She had been trying to get to the bottom of the issue but Cory just wants sexy fart fun. Ginary proposes mixing business with pleasure by making a wager with Cory. She challenges Cory to use her special farting negotiation technique and try to sway Ginary. Who ever wins will be in control of the rest of the days activities. Cory goes first setting the scene with relaxing imagery and soothing words as she presents her rump to Ginary.  Once she has Ginary relaxed she lets her flatulence loose and Ginary responds by eagerly worshiping Cory’s farting rump. Confident Ginary is under her spell Cory ask Ginary to submit. To her surprise Ginary praises her skill and her ass but insists that she’s in control. Next its Ginary’s turn to enchant Cory with her rump. She uses relaxing imagery to encourage Cory to let go. When Ginary begins farting Cory eagerly worships with kisses, raspberries, sniffs, and licks just as Ginary did her. When Ginary ask Cory to submit Cory struggles to regain control. Ginary lets out another large fart and Cory give in proclaiming herself Ginary’s fart slave. …coming soon part 3 Ginary claims her prize. (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip? Email us today.) *all farting is simulated