Pigging Out On Greasy Pizza & Farting 640×360 MP4

ORDER A CUSTOM VIDEO: GODMOTHEROFASS@PROTONMAIL DOT COMI’m so hungry I haven’t eaten all day I’ve been so busy with things at home, running errands, making phone calls, answering emails etc. Haven’t had time to do grocery shopping yet. That was next on my to do list. What am I going to eat? All I had was a five cheese pizza in my freezer. I know I shouldn’t eat it because the last time I got a nasty IBS/lactose intolerance gas attack from hell. But I’m super short on time today and still have more things to do and I’m so fucking hungry I don’t care. Fuck it. So I eat it anyway. I’ll deal with the consequences later.I start tearing into it bite after bite chowing it down, cheese grease dripping down my double chin. I just keep stuffing it in and stuffing it in.  After a little bit my big bbw belly started feeling weird. I knew what was happening. I figured releasing some gas would do the trick. I tried farting at first pushing some out and not much luck. Thinking it’s a false alarm I start plowing pizza down again. Then I realize it’s not a false alarm and I start farting like crazy left and right.I go back and forth from pigging out on my cheese pizza to cutting the cheese from my tight shiny asshole. I farted so much I could actually feel the grease dripping out of my asshole. But it felt so good to release it all. I think I’m done farting for now. Or am I?If you love my winking tight asshole and my farts, you’ll love these greasy pizza pig out farts. You’re missing out on some of my hottest fart porn if you don’t download it now!Keywords: BBW, fart, farts, farting, fart fetish, gas, gassy, flatulent, flatulence, ass spreading, ass, bbw ass, asshole winking, asshole, asshole fetish, smell fetish, ass sniffing, ass smelling, eating, stuffing, food porn, foodie, pizza pig out, pigging out, belly, big belly, belly fetish, fat,  dirty talk, talking dirty, leggings, eye glasses, nose pinching, ass shaking, booty shaking, big ass, big butt, big booty, bubble butt, bubble ass, pawg, pussy, fat pussy, bbw pussy, big pussy, bbw goddess, goddess, socks, toe socks, sock fetish, black hair, long hair, curves, curvy, bottom heavy, pear shaped, white ass, thick white woman, big woman, fetish, big beautiful woman, fart porn, bbw porn, milf, chubby, amateur, mina luciano, godmother of ass, godmotherofass